Maintaining Perl 5: Grant Report for Month 12

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Tony Cook writes:

Approximately 67 tickets were reviewed or otherwise worked on, and 11 patches were applied.

I spent some more time on [perl #81074] this month, finding a bug in pthreads on NetBSD. Thread specific storage should be initialized to NULL, but under some circumstances this doesn't happen on NetBSD, including NetBSD 6.1.3. This is apparently fixed in NetBSD current.

I produced a candidate patch for this ticket, LeonT asked me to hold off on applying it until he'd commented on it.

rjbs asked me to work on rebasing and adapting Father Chrysostomos' sprout/smartpatch branch, the results can be found in tonyc/smartmatch.

I have 32.19 hours remaining of my grant.

1.42#116296 re-review discussion, research and comment
0.67#116926 setup to test on HP-UX
0.95#117475 review discussion, minor updates
0.78#118295 (security) research and comment
0.33#118955 (security) research and comment
0.48#119453 reply
1.47#120120 test on solaris and push to blead
#120120 perldelta and comment
3.94#120802 (security) work on backporting patch
#120802 (security) work on backporting patch
#120802 (security) work on backporting patch, debugging, testing, comment
#120802 (security) review patch, comments
0.92#120939 comment
0.68#121404 tied hashes are different
0.48#121723 (security) review discussion and reply
1.73#121766 testing, comment
0.10#121815 review discussion (5.21.2 blocker)
0.12#121876 review discussion (5.21.2 blocker)
0.47#121930 review discussion (5.21.2 blocker)
2.25#121972 review patch, history of code, try to find details
of old solaris bug, comment
#121972 apply, testing on solaris, push to blead
1.22#121974 tests to estimate Module::Corelist recursion
limits, apply to blead
0.32#121975 review discussion
0.30#122002 re-test and push to smoke-me for final check
1.02#122005 POSIX::tmpnam() deprecation, smoke discussion
0.65#122018 review discussion, research and reject ticket
2.82#122024 try to reproduce on many blead builds, reproduce
on 5.18 and earlier, start bisect run for when fixed
1.65#122093 apply to blead with some modifications
0.22#122096 review discussion and briefly comment
0.20#122097 reject ticket with comment
4.46#122107 review discussion, try to debug
#122107 produce a patch, testing
#122107 fix the fix
3.39#122112 debug, test a possible fix, comment
#122112 review response and reply
#122112 research and comment
0.53#122119 review, test, apply to blead - disallow importing
2.15#122199 try to reproduce on freebsd
#122199 try freebsd 10
0.47#122217 test and apply to blead
0.30#122224 review discussion
0.45#122228 review, research, comment - Date::Parse bug
reporting (or is it Date::Time?)
#122228 review new discussion and close
0.48#122239 review, test and apply
0.23#122249 (security) reject ticket
0.18#122262 comment
0.88#122272 review, test and apply to blead - PathTools optimization
0.63#122280 review, test and apply to blead
1.43#122281 review patch
#122281 tabs or spaces?, testing
#122281 review and comment - sv_isobject()
0.33#122282 review and comment - IPC::Open3 changes
4.19#122287 start open indiana download, comment - dtrace
build issues
#122287 watch openindiana fail to install, try Dilos
#122287 setup openindiana via live cd
#122287 start hipster switch
#122287 try to finish hipster upgrade
#122287 more hipster setup, fail to reproduce problem, comment
0.60#122303 review and apply autouse test updates
0.08#122321 (security) comment
0.87#122322 examine source to try to find problem, start bisect
0.20#122354 review and apply to blead
0.30#122368 review and comment
1.02#122373 review, experiment and comment
#122373 comment
1.95#3330 review old patches, revert reversion and apply
fixes, testing, push to blead
14.09#81074 fix race conditions, try to speed up synchronization
#81074 more sync fixes, testing, push to smoke-me
#81074 review smoke reports, debug and fix netbsd failures
#81074 test on later netbsd (some netbsd setup), report
bug to NetBSD
#81074 follow-up on NetBSD bug (PR 49006)
#81074 review latest smoke results, debugging failures
#81074 more debugging, testing, push a new smoke-me
#81074 review smoke-me reports, polish
#81074 post candidate patch
1.00cygwin test failures- 16v6only.t failure tracked to a
cygwin bug, ask Jerry if File/Copy tests still fail
1.45fix test_porting failure from grok_atou merge, review
changes and comment
0.20fixes to porting/libperl.t
0.27grok_atou() follow-up
2.82look at newer cygwin failures
0.27more perl5-security clean-up
1.38more smartmatch
1.85p5p catch up
0.13perl5-security clean-up
0.58plan skip_all => $foo in
1.08review maint-5.20 cherry-pick requests
0.37set up temp 32-bit VM access for jhi, check access
2.38smartmatch rebase, research
2.73smartmatch: code, research, email
2.77smartmatch: discussion, array/hash/slice handling
1.97smartmatch: email, code, testing
3.28smartmatch: forbid other refs, test updates
0.15spell "SSize_t" correctly
1.22try to track down cygwin socketpair issue

90.30 hours total

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