Maintaining Perl 5: Grant Report for Month 11

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Tony Cook writes:

Approximately 63 tickets were reviewed or worked on, and 10 patches were applied.

Probably the most interesting task this month was attempting to optimize regen/ which became noticably slower when extra EBCDIC code pages were added to the build. Two fairly simple optimizations fell out of the profile from Devel::NYTProf.

get_a2n() and get_I8_2_utf() were each called over 150,000 times, and returned their mappings as a list, while in most cases only a small part of the mapping was used. I changed these return an array reference instead, speeding up significantly.

0.63#115932 review and try to apply
0.78#116925 re-review, apply (with some conflict) to blead, re-test
1.55#119439 make patch to upgrade to 1.70, patches upstream
for avoid experimental features
0.58#119453 double-check patch and push smoke-me
#119453 retest and apply to blead
0.75#120120 review discussion and latest patch and comment
0.25#120330 comment
2.70#120544 experiment and try to get it building
2.17#120939 experiment, testing
0.30#121029 re-review and reject
0.27#121333 5.21.1 blockers - note applied and close
0.35#121474 re-review patch and discussion and reject
4.70#121505 setup prod gcc 4.9
#121505 regcomp.c offset_float_max overflow
#121505 try to track down pos_delta value
1.23#121732 try to diagnose unrelated minitest brokeness,
testing and fixes on cygwin
1.08#121733 apply, testing and fixes on cygwin, testing on
win32/linux, push to blead
3.75#121734 debugging strxfrm behaviour
#121734 find cygwin strxfrm source and debug, comment
0.50#121743 check if patch has been applied, find it has and close
0.33#121746 review and ask jhi about CPAN ticket
0.55#121837 review and test
#121837 apply to blead
1.57#121883 reproduce, produce short reproducer
0.67#121922 test on Win32 and push to blead
0.27#121932 reject ticket
0.57#121969 review, test and apply to blead
0.60#121974 review discussion and ask bulk88 on IRC about a patch
#121974 review and comment
1.56#121992 try to debug
#121992 debug and comment, document no set magic
1.63#122000 add to openbsd build
#122000, #122009 find the right opebbsd VM, rewrite
author, re-test, add author entry, push to blead
4.04#122002 review and comment (relearning some awk)
#122002 comment
#122002 try on Solaris, debugging, comment
#122002 editing, testing, make into a commit and comment
0.80#122009 start openbsd build
#122009, #122000 almost apply to blead, stall for email
address difference
0.40#122020 review perlpolicy, apply to blead and maint-5.20
0.20#122031 review original discussion
0.58#122034 review, test and apply to blead
0.55#122046 review patch, discussion, apply to blead
0.35#122068 review, test and apply to blead
3.11#122070 review code, track down possible bug fix
#122070 add test, review second patch, push to blead with
version bumps, perldelta fixes, comment and resolve
0.63#122093 review and comment
0.75#122096 review and comment
1.10#122097 review and comment
#122097 build tests, comment
1.66#122103 review and comment
#122103 review, test several configs, push to blead
0.47#122105 review ticket, external discussion, testing, comment
1.75#122106 review and comment
#122106 apply with some conflicts, test several configs,
push to blead
2.60#122111 (security)
0.50#122112 try to debug
1.09#122118 review and comment
#122118 rewrite author, testing, bump versions, push to blead
1.92#122122 review, try to figure out why compiler isn't warning
#122122 review, testing, debugging, comment
0.55#122125 review and comment
2.07#78502 try to understand EU::MM and try a few approaches
3.55#81074 rebase, expand commit message, testing, push to smoke-me
#81074 review smoke results, try to reproduce failures
0.17close some more applied 5.21.1 blocker tickets
2.57diagnose NetBSD build failures
1.03fix bugs in POSIX::strxfrm()
1.00look into jhi's HP-UX issue and fail to build with +O
0.72more blockers (mostly open tickets where the patches have
been applied)
1.48more regen optimization, stall
1.33p5p catch up
1.35p5p catch up, try various ways to edit on win32 test box
1.05p5p list catch-up
1.52p5p list catch-up (XS API mostly), try to work up a reply
2.70regen profiling, optimization
1.27regen speed discussion, cygwin compiler warning fixes
1.22reply to rjbs' parallel testing email, research
0.18review 5.22.0 blockers
0.30review and comment on probably broken b84edbf2f4
2.60speed up
1.73speed up, try to optimize
calculate_mask(), clean up and push existing changes

80.23 hours total

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