Maintaining the Perl 5 Core: Report for Month 8 (May 2014)

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Dave Mitchell writes:

I mainly spent May helping to get blead ready for release; in particular by trying to reduce smoke failures and by looking at 5.20 blocker tickets.


0:24 #95493 for Devel-Size: broken by bleadperl
1:00 #95940 for Cache-Mmap: Test suite segfaults with Perl 5.20.0-RC1
2:04 [perl #116925] document/publicize THINKFIRST
1:15 [perl #119433] Bleadperl v5.19.3-16-gce0d59f breaks the CPAN
2:10 [perl #120792] Bleadperl v5.19.6-171-g437e3a7 breaks ROBIN/Want-0.21.tar.gz
4:08 [perl #121796] COW related performance regression in 5.19
1:41 [perl #121826] Bleadperl breaks ELIZABETH/String-Lookup-0.12.tar.gz
4:48 [perl #121831] ASAN segfaults in lib/warnings.t
2:41 [perl #121854] use re 'taint' regression
0:38 [perl #121899] Bleadperl v5.19.2-231-g7db6405 breaks MLEHMANN/Devel-FindRef-1.43.tar.gz
2:12 [perl #121938] Bleadperl breaks KAPPA/signatures-0.07.tar.gz
3:56 blead breaks 'ifdef'
3:18 fix smoke issues
19:34 process p5p mailbox
0:21 review perldelta

50:10 Total (HH::MM)

4.4 weeks
50.2 total hours
11.3 average hours per week

As of 2014/05/31: since the beginning of the grant:

32.9 weeks
491.5 total hours
15.0 average hours per week

There are 309 hours left on the grant

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