Maintaining the Perl 5 Core: Report for Month 7 (April 2014)

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Dave Mitchell writes:

I mainly spent April helping to get blead ready for release; in particular by trying to reduce smoke failures and by looking at 5.20 blocker tickets, including:

  • Get PERL_GLOBAL_STRUCT and PERL_GLOBAL_STRUCT_PRIVATE builds to smoke successfully under ithreads: there were a number of race conditions.
  • Fix a race condition in File-Glob/t/basic.t that caused occasional smoke failures.
  • Stop t/run/locale.t from producing spurious warnings under some shells.
  • Make ExtUtils::Install handle symbolic and hard links better.
  • g++ builds failing after a fix of Encode for VC 6.
  • RT #121721 Pseudo-fork dups arg array on argless calls
  • contribute to the discussion on adding more documentation about COW etc to perlguts


1:00 RT#121554 VC6 has missing ')'s on macro expansion, cBOOL and U8, Unicode.xs
5:21 [perl #116925] document/publicize THINKFIRST
2:29 [perl #72028] execute permission missing from some utils
22:10 fix smoke issues
15:09 process p5p mailbox
46:09 Total (HH::MM)

4.3 weeks
46.1 total hours
10.8 average hours per week

As of 2014/04/30: since the beginning of the grant:

28.4 weeks
441.3 total hours
15.5 average hours per week

There are 359 hours left on the grant (including a 400H extension recently announced).

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