Maintaining Perl 5: Grant Report for Month 8

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Tony Cook writes:

Approximately 16 tickets were reviewed or otherwise worked on.

This is the start of my third grant.

I mostly worked on 5.20 blockers for this week.

0.37#116296 review
1.52#116925 research and write documentation, comment twice
0.08#120670 comment and resolve
0.47#120939 review latest patch and comment
0.45#121198 work on patch to make croaks into warnings
0.35#121335 comment
0.33review 5.20 blockers, #121342
5.82#121352 try to debug
#121352 more try to debug
#121352 setup bisect (issue with dromedary and with VM I
initially tried to use)
#121352 care and feeding of bisect
#121352 classic bisect on dromedary
#121352 more testing, debugging
#121352 tracing and theorizing
3.17#121366 test and try to work it out
#121366 work up a fix, testing and comment
#121366 patch, re-test and commit to blead, comment
0.08#121404 review discussion
0.90#121490 research and comment
2.80#121505 start gcc 4.9 build (with a false start for gcc-svn)
#121505 build testing
2.23#21442 review ticket, setup to test on FAT fs and start build
#21442 produce patch, test in FAT and NTFS on win32, start
prep to test on darwin
#21442 clean up patch, test and comment
1.02#38723 review discussion, comment, perform some tests, comment again
5.69#81074 try to figure out why signal handler set by child
thread not set in parent
#81074 solve it, clean up and other polishing

25.55 hours total

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