Maintaining Perl 5: Grant Report for Month 7

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Tony Cook writes:

Approximately 57 tickets were worked on, and 12 patches were applied.

Probably the most interesting issue this month was diagnosing the HP-UX bus error in during regexp compilation, I won't repeat the diagnosis here, but it can be found at:

with some on-point follow-ups from Nicholas Clark, Dave Mitchell and Yves Orton.

This month brings the total hours spent on my second grant to 265.07 hours, which exceeds the limits of the grant.

1.40#116925 review ticket, review perl docs and code, comment
1.61#119499 review the discussion
#119499 comment
1.72#119593 review, reproduce, find a bisectable test case,
bisect, open cpan ticket 92771, comment
1.23#120120 try to reproduce, comment
2.40#120374 testing, work on diagnosis
#120374 more diagnosis, find the change in behaviour, start a bisect, comment
0.87#120692 benchmark and comment
2.04#120936 cygwin shm.t failure - fix skip logic
#120936 cygwin taint.t failure
2.26#120939 review new patch and comment
#120939 try to reproduce leak
#120939 fix just the leak
0.23#121018 review and start a comment, but rjbs beats me to it
0.88#121028 rebase and extract closepid change only, retest,
apply to blead, comment, open 121159
0.37#121033 review, review PerlIO_openn(), comment
0.13#121039 resolve with comment
0.55#121047 review, test and apply to blead
1.28#121081 produce a test patch
#121081 apply patch and comment
1.57#121112 produce a patch
2.93#121119 research and comment
#121119 try PERL_DISABLE_PMC suggestion
#121119 summarise to ticket
#121119 review discussion and comment
0.32#121126 review and comment - bring back test.deparse
1.65#121134 review, research state variable ops, test, apply
to blead and comment
0.80#121151 reproduce, research standards, comment
0.18#121162 test BBC broken module against fix
0.25#121172 review, test and comment
0.33#121173 review, test and apply
0.52#121176 review, test, apply to blead and perldelta
0.25#121182 review discussion and comment briefly
1.90#121196 produce a test, a fix and a comment
#121196 rebase, review, retest and apply
0.30#121203 review and apply
1.52#121207 review, test and comment
#121207 retest, minor fix, apply and comment
0.22#121220 comment
3.17#121223 review and comment (also watchdog issue discussion in IRC)
#121223 read response, try to work up a supplementary patch
#121223 comment
#121223 minor fixes, apply to blead
1.48#121236 review, research and comment
HP-UX problem and #121236 IRC discussion
0.43#121240 comment, review, apply and comment some more
0.68#121257 reproduce and comment
0.58#121259 comment, start bisect
#121259 test sprout's patch
2.14#121269 review patch and linked discussion, review older changes
#121269 test UTF-16 BOM, comment
#121269 review discussion, review code, experiment and comment
0.32#121287 review and comment
0.40#121291 test -Dusedl build, check on Module::Load failure, comment
#121291 test, comment and close
0.28#121292 open ticket based on 121269 discussion
0.30#40565 review comments
0.85#40867 review comments, proposed patch and find2perl code, comment
1.85#77672 review smoke-me reports, rebase, re-test locally,
write regression test
#77672 more writing regression test, apply to blead,
perldelta, comment, resolve
1.43#81074 try to deliver an unhandled signal to the main thread
1.83check for cygwin build failure, reproduce failure, produce
and test a fix
1.85cygwin win32core.t failure
0.37cygwin win32core.t failure, produce a fix on cygwin and
start a win32 test run
0.73diagnose HP-UX failures
4.23HP-UX debugging, found the immediate issue
0.82I18N::Collate test failure cygwin - strange strxfrm results
0.32more win32core, find some related issues
0.12nuke perl5-security spam and encourage others to do the same
0.97p5p catch up
0.53post describing the HP-UX issue
0.35report an bug
0.17run/locale.t tests for khw
0.83some more HP-UX failure testing, discussion
0.55test khw's latest run/locale.t smoke-me
3.42try more diagnosis through debugger, work on setting up
bisect, start bisect, watch blead succeed and try an
0.97win32core.t - work up final commits, test on both cygwin
and win32, push to blead

61.68 hours total

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