Maintaining Perl 5: Grant Report for Month 6

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Tony Cook writes

Approximately 45 tickets were worked on, and 13 patches were applied.

I finally found the cause of and fixed perl #118817 this month, thanks to more detailed environment information from the poster, and a Fedora Rawhide VM. This was originally reported in July 2013 as a problem with the debugger when TERM=vt100, but I wasn't able to reproduce it. I turned out to be a case of the debugger tests overwriting their own output - the prompts and other non-trace information being overwritten by the trace and vica-versa.

perl #121077 This was an interesting patch by Matthew Horsfall that optimizes my $x; my $y; to my ($x, $y), after which an existing optimization then consumes any following uninitialized, void-context my variables to produce a padrange operator, instead of several individual pad[sha]v operators.

3.45#116971 reproduce and work on a fix
#116971 fix manifest.t failure, make pending-author.t work
on Win32, test cross platform, push and comment
5.47#118817 start rawhide install (rawhide boot.iso failed to start installer)
#118817 start upgrade of fedora 20 to rawhide, which
fails, try with 20 installer but rawhide source
#118817 test, diagnose and comment
#118817 fix tests, push a smoke-me and comment asking OP to test fix
#118817 apply to blead, comment twice
8.06#118843 write fix, tests (along with maint testing)
#118843 finish writing tests, push to smoke-me, comment
#118843 fix issues and push to smoke-me
#118843 fix line-endings, test on win32, fix two race conditions
and push a new smoke-me
#118843 apply to blead, perldelta and close
0.48#119973 review change and vote
3.23#120670 reproduce, retest patch, track down cygwin C++ build error
#120670 fix authors.t failure, supply patch to Devel- PPPort upstream
#120670 provide patch against github repo 0.52
#120758 review behaviour, code, an external strtold implementation
3.78#120827 review, try to work out a test, apply and comment
#120827 review for maint, comment
#120827 test, perldelta updates, push, perldelta blead too
1.30#120832 make btrfs fs to reproduce, fix and push, install dzil to send
pull request to app-find2perl 0.25
#120857 review and discuss with bulk88
0.33#120872 review and find already applied
1.92#120925 review, test 32-bit USE_64_BIT_INT build with SDK tools
#120925 research and comment
#120925 discuss with bulk88
3.49#120933 build win32 perl and work out dependency issues, comment
#120933 produce a patch and request the OP test it
#120933 test with dmake, apply to blead and comment
0.12#120936 comment
0.57#120938 review, test and apply
1.42#120939 review and test
#120939 comment
#120939 comment
1.25#120951 reproduce
#120951 handle signal delivered to non-perl thread
0.78#120954 review original text, discussion and comment
0.62#120971 review, test, apply
1.78#120977 review and comment
#120977 comment
#120977 review and test new patch, apply to blead
0.89#120981 review and test
#120981 apply, perldelta and comment
0.10#120991 comment
3.91#120998 try to reproduce (and succeed)
#120998 debugging
0.65#121010 review, test, fix manifest, version and apply to blead
5.12#121028 test patch, produce new patch and comment
#121028 make closepid not block, debug openpid blocking,
post patch, comment
#121028 research, experimentation with openpid.t
#121028 make list form, test on Win32 and research, comment
0.35#121029 review and comment - USE_64_BIT_INT for VC 6
1.87#121031 review and reject, discuss on IRC, produce
alternate patch and check for similar issues and fix those too
0.10#121033 comment
1.63#121038 review and try to understand context handling
#121038 more research, comment
4.05#121039 review comments, experiment, research, comment
#121039 ticket against Escape-Houdini, fixes to
1.52#121042 review and research original discussion/bug
#121042 testing and comment
3.43#121077 review and comment - optimize my $x; my $y to my
($x, $y)
#121077 review follow-up comments, review code and comment
#121077 retest, apply to blead, perldelta
0.22#121095 (security list) review
0.93#121101 review and apply
#121101 apply changed wording patch
0.90#121104 review POSIX, prepare a patch and comment
#121104 apply patch, pull request to github app-find2perl
3.28#121106 investigate and comment
#121106 testing, discussion with khw
0.50#121119 review, discuss in IRC
1.48#40565 research, comment
7.06#77672 research as to why _pipe handles are failing, testing
#77672 more research, figure out bug, testing
#77672 testing, produce patch and comment
#77672 review and clean up patch, start test run
#77672 unblock blocked tests and retest those tests, fix a
pre-processor directive bug, push to smoke-me
6.28#81074 test code
#81074 testing
#81074 fix build issues, watch test fail
#81074 debugging, write more tests
0.85#89502 rebase, add perlport note, test_porting, rebase
some more and apply to blead
0.20close some Data::Dumper tickets with comments
0.92p5p catch-up
1.22p5p list catch up
0.52review cross-compile-revamp branch
0.35run sample on Win32 for khw

87.15 hours total

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