Maintaining the Perl 5 Core: Report for Month 1

I am pleased to announce that Dave Mitchell's grant application, Maintaining the Perl 5 Core, was accepted. This is his first report.

Dave Mitchell writes:

(This is the first monthly report on my new grant, and only covers 2.5 weeks, since I started mid-month).

I spent my time mainly working on several bug reports, applying patches, fixing smokes, and "working" my p5p mailbox etc. None of the fixes are particularly noteworthy.

Over the last month I have averaged 16.1 hours per week.

As of 2013/10/31: since the beginning of the grant:

2.6 weeks
41.4 total hours
16.1 average hours per week

There are 359 hours left on the grant.

2:56 Benchmark.t hanging
4:08 RT#119505 Segfault in S_regmatch from bad backreference
3:12 RT#119529 Filehandle opened from ref to ref hangs on reading
2:23 RT#119847 formats loop chewing RAM for non SvPVs
2:24 RT#119855 chdir, taint, and if
0:23 RT#120102 CORE::select ignoring timeout var's magic
0:48 RT#120112 "foreach my TYPE" sometimes raises wrong syntax error.
2:05 RT#120182 B::Deparse fails at UTF-8 in regexes
1:56 RT#120202 Tie::Handle appends extra copies of $\ to output
0:30 RT#120244 a2p access before start of buffer
0:30 RT#120282 stop sv_2bool_flags from calling itself
2:52 RT#120288 -bareword gives various errors instead of "-bareword"
7:54 RT#120292 Can't find any loadable formatter class...
9:23 process p5p mailbox

41:24 Total (HH::MM)

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