Devel::Cover Grant Report (June)

[Editor's note: Paul has posted 3 Grant reports together due to a very hectic workload and the need to do the work but hold on the reporting of the work. This is a large undertaking and I would like to thank him for his diligence, and tenacity, in filing the paperwork)

In accordance with the terms of my grant from TPF this is the monthly
report for my work on improving Devel::Cover covering June 2013.

This month I released Devel::Cover 1.04. The release contains a number of fixes from last month, along with performance improvements.

The performance improvements are part of work package I started at the end of May and which continued into the beginning of June. They are primarily related to the checking of whether or not a file should be reported on for coverage. This is a relatively expensive operation that has to be performed frequently. As I mentioned in the previous report, some of this work is done by a Perl subroutine, and ideally this should be rewritten in XS. I didn't do that work this month, but instead I focussed on reducing the number of times that subroutine was called.

Devel::Cover adds quite a performance overhead to running a test suite, and this is something that discourages its use, so I feel it is important to try to keep the code as lean as possible.

The other Devel::Cover work from this month was just small fixes in various areas.

Unfortunately, I have been very busy with other work this month, and that is likely to continue throughout July and August. I'm keen that a large majority of my grant work should be spent getting to grips with some of the larger problems that I would otherwise be unable to tackle, and I will probably not be in a position to tackle such problems until after my other work subsides somewhat, which should be in September.

You can see the commits at

**Hours worked**

  • 01/06 4:20
  • 22/06 1:15
  • Total 5:35

Total hours worked on grant: 275:10

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