Devel::Cover Grant Report (July)

[Editor's note: Paul has posted 3 Grant reports together due to a very hectic workload and the need to do the work but hold on the reporting of the work. This is a large undertaking and I would like to thank him for his diligence, and tenacity, in filing the paperwork)

In accordance with the terms of my grant from TPF this is the monthly report for my work on improving Devel::Cover covering July 2013.

This month I released Devel::Cover versions 1.05 and 1.06. The releases contain a number of patches and pull requests along with various little cleanups and other small fixes.

The rest of the work this month was spent on p5cover. This is the project to get test coverage of the perl core and the core modules. The perl.gcov Makefile target was recently removed from the perl core so I needed to update the p5cover code slightly. I also improved the p5cover process, but there is still work needed here which I am hoping to get completed soon. The 1.06 release was purely the facilitate the p5cover work.

As I mentioned in June's report, I'm still heavily involved in other work, so
I wasn't able to invest much time in Devel::Cover for July.

Closed Github tickets
* 63 cpancover: Errors in write_csv()
* 54 Test fails when coverage enabled

Merged pull requests
* 65 Typo fix
* 64 Correct errors in write_csv().
* 53 Improve -coverage options, fix -ignore_re for .gcov files

Closed RT tickets
* #34888 Fix pod coverage for multiple packages in a file.

You can see the commits at

Hours worked

  • 16/07 1:30
  • 17/07 6:30
  • 18/07 1:45
  • Total 9:45

Total hours worked on grant: 284:55

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