2013Q3 Grant Proposals


For this quarter the Grants Committee just received one proposal, by Peter Rabbitson, for "Advanced environment for CI of Perl projects". Unfortunately the Grants Committee could not accept this proposal as it requests more than the limit of $3000 stated on the Grants Committee Rules.

Nevertheless, this lack of "lower than $3000" grant proposals, and the fact that lot of people have been discussing (and complaining) about this value being too low, the Grants Committee is starting a discussion on rewriting and reorganizing the way it works. Namely, in my personal blog I opened a discussion about the Grants Committee some time ago, and had plenty of feedback, that will be helpful for our internal discussion.

As soon as we have a new set of rules of operation a new call for grant proposals will be opened.


Hey Alberto, would you mind adding a link to your personal blog post? I'd like to read the feedback. Thanks!

I would strongly recommend reconsidering the maximum limit of grant size. This should be something on a case by case basis, as it currently stands many larger scoped potential grant proposals are dead in the water before they've even reached the proposal stage.

One simple solution for this is to create 'milestones' of $3000 or less (where milestone is a certain goal within the proposal/project, not necessarily a deliverable), but the entirety of the proposal is accepted at the get-go. This would allow for larger projects, and would probably assist in breaking them into manageable chunks at the same time. This won't work for every proposal, but it would be a good step towards larger grants.

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