Next Release of Pinto With Key Features - Grant Report #1

Jeffrey Ryan Thalhammer reported:

This past May, The Perl Foundation awarded a grant to fund development of a couple features in Pinto. Pinto is a robust tool for curating a private repository of CPAN modules, so you can build your application with the right modules every time. This is my first progress report on that work.

The grant proposal covered two key features. I have a tendency to pick the low-hanging fruit first, so I started with the easier of the two.

Pinto-0.087_03 has been released to CPAN and the diff command now supports both revision IDs and stack names as arguments. The IDs can be abbreviated to uniqueness (just like git). When a stack name is used, the head revision of that stack is assumed. Complete documentation is in the manual for the diff command.

This is a development release for now, and I will make a production release after the CPAN Testers give me some passing reports. I will also add support for git-like notation for specifying an offset from the head. For example, foo^ would mean one revision prior to the head of stack foo. Eventually, I may add support for specifying dates too, but that is more distant.

The other feature covered by the grant is merging of stacks. This is an extremely powerful feature, but I'm not entirely sure how it should behave. Their has been some discussion about it on GitHub. So if you have an opinion, feel free to express it at

I will publish another progress report in about a month. Many thanks to TPF and the Perl community at large for helping to support this project.

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