2013Q2 GP: rpm.perl.it


Jozef Kutej

Amount Requested:

2000 €


Create similar page to http://deb.perl.it/ for RPM world.

Benefits to the Perl Community

For many sysadmins it's pretty common task to look for and install Perl distribution from Linux OS packages and only the rest via some CPAN shell. It would save them a lot of time if they can get this install instruction instantly via a web service.


http://rpm.perl.it/ + RPM-PM distribution

Project Details

Download, index and publish list of Perl modules included in RedHat Enterprise and SUSE Linux in a similar way as http://deb.perl.it/ does for Debian and Ubuntu.


  • Learn how RPM repositories actually work to be able to index them.

    This is main reason why I'm asking for a grant from TPF, because at the moment I'm not using any of RPM based Linux distribution and so have no personal interest besides curiosity about this topic.

  • Adapt Debian::Apt::PM code to work with different type of repositories for downloading RPMs, extracting and indexing.

  • Launch http://rpm.perl.it/suse/cpan-deb/

  • Launch http://rpm.perl.it/redhat-enterprise/cpan-deb/

Project Schedule

Project it self should take pure ~2-3 weeks which means ~2-3 real life months and I can start one month after the grant will be approved.

Completeness Criteria

Release of new RPM::PM distribution together with http://rpm.perl.it/ page.


I'm author of http://search.cpan.org/dist/Debian-Apt-PM/ and http://deb.perl.it/


Seems reasonable to me, although I don't know if there are already any relatively standard sources of Perl RPMs.

Hi Alberto,

Do you plan to import the existing RPMs and try to make a single repository for these or is this a whole new infrastructure to generate RPMs?

How do you see this automating and scaling to the number of modules on CPAN?

Do you plan to build a small core of modules akin to Task::Kensho or do you see this being a whole CPAN thing?

This is a great idea, but unless it scales sideways then it could end up being another place that packages go to languish and die.

It might be that you end up with everything on CPAN packaged at which point you only have to deal with updates and new versions. The problem would be getting over the hurdle.

Good luck with your application!


Ah crap, that should have been Jozef not Alberto..

Hi idn,

the project is about indexing, not packaging. Simply allowing to see which Perl module version is (or isn't) in which rpm-based distribution.


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