Spanish Localization of the Perl Core Documentation - Grant Report #6

Enrique Nell and Joaquin Ferrero reported:

Project status:

CPAN distribution:

Project host:

If we hadn't lost so much time building a nuclear shelter in the backyard, our final report would have been ready by Christmas time... We still can't believe the Mayan prophecy was wrong!!

This is our last monthly grant report. It also includes a summary of the tasks completed during this 6-month period.

New files added this month

  • perlre
  • perlgit

Reported source pod bugs


Status of our v5.16 track (currently v5.16.2):

  • Total documents: 169 (109 in core docs)
  • Total words: 947,607 (459,773 in core docs)
  • % translated: 34.14% (63.61% of core docs)
  • % reviewed: 21.35%


In late December, Joaquín and Enrique met in Madrid to work on the translation process, and to discuss issues and ways to improve the tools.


Changes in

Fixed a couple of bugs in the diff_file routine. Changed the input record separator (properly localized) while reading the file to \n\n, to prevent issues in segments containing line breaks. Also fixed a loop limit that caused missing the last segment.

Future work

  • We still have a lot pending in our TO DO list, so we will keep informing the community about our progress, most likely through blog posts announced in Perl Weekly.
  • Provide an English version of the translation process documentation in our github wiki.
  • In our first report we mentioned a couple of bugs related to the lack of internationalization features in podlators: The CPAN page for POD2::ES does not show the description of the translated modules because the POD processor does not find section NAME (it's NOMBRE in Spanish); also, POD links containing references to sections are partially rendered in English: «la sección "Plataformas compatibles" in perlport» (for Spanish, "in" should be "en"). We have analyzed this issue and located the modules that should be fixed, but we are not sure of the best way to fix it (we also tried to find ways to fix it on our side). We should contact the authors of these modules and the translation teams of other languages to discuss this and reach an agreement. An easy fix for the second issue that wouldn't require adding any language information would be changing the link processing routines to generate something similar to: «la sección "Plataformas compatibles" (perlport)», i.e., a language-independent output.
  • Compare the output returned by our terminology extraction tool with the results obtained using Lingua::FreeLing3 and Lingua::YaTeA, and explore the possibilities of bilingual extraction provided by Lingua::NATools. This could be the subject of a future blog post.
  • Translate into English the comments/labels in (currently in Spanish).

Summary of Project Tasks Completed During the Grant Period

Files added to the POD2::ES distribution

  • perlbot
  • perlboot
  • perlcheat
  • perlclib
  • perldata
  • perlexperiment
  • perlgit
  • perlglossary
  • perlhacktut
  • perlhist
  • perlmod
  • perlmodinstall
  • perlmroapi
  • perlnewmod
  • perlobj
  • perlootut
  • perlre
  • perltodo
  • perltooc
  • perltoot

The translation percentage increased from 42% to 63%, and the revision percentage increased from 3% to 21% (i.e., we ended up a little behind our estimate for revision, and a little ahead for translation).

However, these figures are a bit fuzzy, since new Perl versions are released often (we started our grant work in v5.14.0, and reached v5.16.2), and updating to a new version also changes the total word counts and usually requires more translation/revision work to align already translated files with their new versions.

Improvement/addition of tools

The basic post-processing script was improved and currently checks the POD syntax, generates a WYSIWYG html file for final checks, creates a diff file in html format to give feedback to the translator, keeps track of who translated what to update the translators section included in translated documents, and also sorts alphabetically the translated entries of perlglossary.pod.

We also added scripts to:

  • configure git
  • get the .pod files in a given source distribution to add them to the translation project
  • check the setup of POD2::ES
  • merge the reviewed segments into the translator's translation memory
  • update the statistics in the project tracking spreadsheet
  • compared pod versions in source and target folders.

Bug reports

Talk at the Portuguese Perl Workshop 2012 by Enrique Nell (in Portuguese)

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