Spanish Localization of the Perl Core Documentation - Grant Report #5

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Enrique Nell and Joaquin Ferrero reported:

Project status:

CPAN distribution:

Project host:

After a brief interlude, we have resumed our reporting activity. A careful analysis of our report date slip trend shows strong evidence that our final report might be ready at Christmas time.

During this month we updated to v5.16.2 and finally completed the translation of perlglossary.pod.

The members of the team fully agree on the translations used for most of the terms, but there are a few of them (the hard ones) that require further discussion and may entail future changes to this file (and propagating these changes to other files in POD2::ES).

The entries in the translated file are now sorted alphabetically by our post-processing script, but we still have to implement a proper way to handle entries that have several definitions corresponding to different Spanish words.

We also included back perlcheat.pod in our CPAN distribution.

New files added this month

  • perlglossary
  • perlcheat

Reported source pod bugs

  • [perl #115458] perlmodinstall.pod Missing closing parenthesis
  • [perl #115460] perlpod.pod Missing closing parenthesis
  • [ #80640] perldoc does not display function definitions with the same encoding used in perlfunc.pod
  • [ #80527] perldoc cannot find functions sections when is called with -L switch


Status of our v5.16 track (currently v5.16.2):

  • Total documents: 169 (107 in core docs)
  • Total words: 947,607 (453,544 in core docs)
  • % translated: 33.60% (63.33% of core docs)
  • % reviewed: 20.56%


Tools Readme

We have added a detailed Readme to the tools section of our github repository, describing the different scripts available, their usage, and the target audience.

Changes in

We have added a sort_glossary subroutine that gets called if the file name is perlglossary.pod to sort alphabetically the translated entries before applying other beauty treatments.

New scripts

We have added the code that updates the project tracking statistics spreadsheet based on the statistics provided by OmegaT.

Future work

  • Report yet more doc bugs
  • At least one of us is interested in automating the perlcheat.pod formatting process
  • Release the terminology extraction tool
  • Add documented procedures (in English) to the github wiki

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I've studied Chinese and Spanish, and I know that translation is hard work.


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