Adding tests to and refactoring the perl debugger - Grant Report #5


Shlomi Fish reported:

This report will be less formal and detailed than the other reports, because I have neglected to write the changes I did every day as I went.

I continued to refactor lib/ a€™s code, this time doing more random stuff of noticing code with code smells ( see ) and changing it. I also contacted Ricardo Signes (the current Perl pumpking) a few times about merging my branch into bleadperl (the main development perl branch), and he eventually found the time to do it, and most of my commits are now there.

Some new tests were added to fix regressions, and I also reported a bug, which Father Chrysostomos ( ) fixed, and I added an extra behavioural test report.

Otherwise, I have written today an E-mail to the perl5-porters mailing list asking for comments about closing this grant and declaring it a partial success. I cannot see it on right now, but it should appear there shortly. Note that I plan and hope to continue working on perl5db and other parts of the perl core, but believe that most of the work as part of the grant was done, within the assumed constraints.


Here is the perl5-porters post mentioned above. Also see the reply by Richard Foley and my reply to his.

Excellent work, Shlomi! Please keep it up; I am a huge fan and an active user of the Perl debugger. :)

The commits that Shlomi refers to (in the "blead" branch of the Perl Git repository) are here:

You'll need to go forward a few pages (his commits start showing up at "2012-11-12").

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