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metacpan.png It isn't often enough that I get to speak about the way that the Perl Foundation spends the money that is so generously donated to it. Often they are the subjects of the annual reports from Karen and Dan (our President and Treasurer respectively) and are presented at the yearly Yet Another Perl Conferences. Most of these funds are used as part of our excellent programmes to improve Perl via direct sponsorship of people such as David Mitchell and Nicholas Clark and via the grants system.

However, recently we were able to help out the growing MetaCPAN project with a small bursary for them to buy equipment. I should at this point pause and make note that Karen (and others) at the Perl Foundation have been working behind the scenes to secure other forms of sponsorship for MetaCPAN aside from direct fiscal contributions, but we mostly cannot report on them as they are an ongoing procedure.

We were approached by Clinton Gormley, on behalf of the MetaCPAN project to fund a hardware upgrade in a machine that had been recently donated. The machine was adequate, but the new hardware would greatly enhance its capabilities. It isn't often that we can make such donations but this time we were succesful with the application and the equipment has been purchased and installed.

I would like to thank the board for recognising the importance of the project, and to Karen and Dan for making the whole procedure smooth. I also want to point out that MetaCPAN does accept direct sponsorship and they play an important role in the ever evolving Perl Universe.

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