Spanish Localization of the Perl Core Documentation - Grant Report #4

Enrique Nell and Joaquin Ferrero reported:

Project status:

CPAN distribution:

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In the context of our terminology extraction efforts, we decided to give priority to perlglossary.pod, one of the largest Perl docs (~ 19,000 words). Life will be a lot easier if we freeze the terminology at an early stage of the project. This file's word count nearly doubles the volume we have been releasing in previous months (currently, roughly 50% of the file is translated), so we haven't released a new version this month.

The translation of perlglossary.pod is time-consuming in itself, since there are several possible translations for many glossary terms; we must discuss some cases and reach an agreement. On the other hand, this file requires a special treatment: The entries in the translated file must be sorted alphabetically, so we are developing a perlglossary sorting script that will be added to the tools section.

We are also discussing the best way to handle another issue we have found: Some entries (e.g., 'port') have two different definitions, but in Spanish these definitions correspond to two different words, so we will probably have to add some markup to split each of these entries into two separate entries in the target file.

The new release of POD2::ES will be ready later this month (it will also include the amended version of perlcheat.pod mentioned in the previous report).


Enrique Nell attended the Portuguese Perl Workshop 2012 and gave a lightning talk to briefly describe this project.


Status of our v5.16 track (currently v5.16.1):

  1. Total documents: 168 (105 in core docs)
  2. Total words: 945,786 (475,324 in core docs)
  3. % translated: 32.01% (51.20% of core docs)
  4. % reviewed: 12.10%

Future work

  1. Report several bugs found
  2. Keep working on the terminology extraction tool
  3. Add to the tools section the code that generates our project status spreadsheet.

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