Adding tests to and refactoring the perl debugger - Grant Report #4

Shlomi Fish reported:


  • Test o inhibit_exit.


  • Add some tests for o PrintRet.

    • Commit: 81de4a156bc803cb68a711f9ef9de78c75b86c20


  • Yesterday and today I started refactoring lib/ I'm glad to say that the test suite caught some bugs introduced by refactoring.

    • Commit: 85b0ebc0aba46f02639bd872967061727fa43b06
  • Filed an bug with patches:



  • More refactoring - leading ampersands and method extractions.


  • More refactoring - extracted methods and subroutines.


  • More refactoring - extracted some methods.


  • More refactoring - extracted some methods.

    • Commit: 9cf9b5691a042f1dae312f4261014046a162b19d


  • More refactoring - created a dispatch table for commands based on their initial command field.

    • Commit: 33b79f21d69af2c650bcb41cb4a6219659447813


  • More refactoring - finished most of the dispatching based on the table.

  • More refactoring - split the command into a verb and args and start inspecting cmd_args directly.

  • More refactoring - made some variable lexicals instead of slots in the objects - apparently they were just overused for some purposes.



  • Got rid of leading ampersands in sub calls (except for the &share).

  • Made sure that we don't use DB::warn() and DB::system() which clash with perl built-in functions.

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