Adding tests to and refactoring the perl debugger - Grant Report #2

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Shlomi Fish reported:




  • Plans for today:

    • Write more tests for the L command.

      • Done.
    • Write more tests in general.

      • Wrote some for S. There are more commands in perldoc perldebug following it that already have test coverage.



  • Added a test for the a [line] command command and noticed a failure (which had been reported to perl5-porters).

    • Corrected the lib/ and test now passes.
  • Added a test for the A line command.

  • Added a test for the A * command.

  • Added two Bash functions to my _Theme perl/core to facilitate testing the entire perl core distribution, and running only lib/perl5db.t.

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I would like to see the ability to run module tests as if under perl -d. There are some differences between the debugger environment and the pure interpreter that can break things in the debugger.

Allowing test suites to run via test_harness using the developer would help catch those problems. It could also generate reports of edge cases and such that could help to make the debugger itself more robust.

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