Spanish Localization of the Perl Core Documentation - Grant Report #1

Enrique Nell and Joaquin Ferrero reported:

Project status:

CPAN distribution:

Project host:

During the last month we updated POD2::ES from v5.14.2 to v5.16.0 (translated new segments and updated changed ones), and released to CPAN the updated distribution. Other translated files that still must be reviewed (i.e., that haven't been released to CPAN) are currently being updated to v5.16.0.

POD2::ES v5.16.0.01 included all the files in the previous release, except perlcheat.pod, which had a bug that we reported through perlbug. Discussion in the p5p list suggested that this file would undergo further changes, and since the localized version entails heavy formatting work, we decide to wait until v5.16.1 to include it back in the distribution.

New files added during the v5.16.0 track of POD2::ES:

  • perlbot
  • perlboot
  • perldata
  • perlexperiment
  • perlootut
  • perltodo
  • perltooc
  • perltoot

We also fixed code issues (related to POD2::Base) in, the main module, and made a few doc changes.


Here is a brief summary of the final project status for v5.14.2 (June 4):

  • Total documents: 190 (98 in core docs)
  • Total words: 924,435 (619,056 in core docs)
  • % translated: 44.02% (42,30% of core docs)
  • % reviewed: 4.43%

And the current status of our v5.16.0 track:

  • Total documents: 162 (100 in core docs)
  • Total words: 841,604 (597,294 in core docs)
  • % translated: 43.51% (44.74% of core docs)
  • % reviewed: 5.06%


Our new team members, Jennifer Maldonado and Manuel Gómez, started working remotely through a remote server setup deployed in April. New collaborators can start working right away with very little training, since they don't have to install and configure the translation tool (although they can do it if they prefer a local setup; the project wiki contains guidelines for both scenarios.)


We have implemented several changes in the post-processing script:

  • Support for the new naming convention used for Readmes in v5.16
  • Handling of pod files containing the =encoding utf8 command (our translation tool currently generates latin-1 files, so now the post-processing script checks and changes the encoding of the generated file if necessary)
  • Command line switch to add names of people involved in the translation of a particular file to the Translators section at the bottom of the file
  • Hardcoded paths were updated for the new v5.16 project setup.

Future work

For our second month, we plan to do more work on tools and keep translating/reviewing pods while we wait for v5.16.1, which will require another update.

Our immediate TO DO list includes reporting the issues found in POD2::Base and several pod processing issues that should be fixed for localized versions.

For instance, the CPAN page for POD2::ES does not show the description of the translated modules because the POD processor does not find section NAME (it's NOMBRE in Spanish).

The French team fixed this by using NAME/NOM, but we think that a cleaner solution would be better.

Another issue we found is related to the processing of POD links like L, which produces English text: "Supported Platforms" in perlport (for Spanish, "in" should be "en".)

It seems that the *roff-related issues that prevented displaying correctly the extended characters in UTF-8 encoded files using perldoc in Xterminals have been fixed in v5.16.0, so we may switch back to UTF-8.

We are also testing the latest version of the translation tool, OmegaT v2.6, which includes a new feature that allows team work using a single memory.

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