2012Q2 Grant Proposals

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This quarter, The Perl Foundation Grants Committee has three grant proposals. One of them was not funded in the last round, given to budget restrictions. Accordingly with GC rules it should be voted again in this round. Together with that, we have two new proposals. You can read their descriptions bellow, and you are invited to comment on their own posts. Your feedback is important for the Grants Committee.

The received grant proposals are:

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"Easy installation of non-CPAN dependencies" is Too Linux-specific, in my opinion. My production Perl projects run on OpenBSD and the issues discussed are well handled by the Ports maintainers, for the most part.

"Perl module for Linked Data" sounds potentially useful to me/my company & clients on a day-to-day basis, and the amount asked is very minimal. I would support this.

"Spanish Localization of the Perl Core Documentation" sounds important & I can definitely see the benefits in having more collaboration/contribution from spanish-speaking programmers. Honestly, I have no actual idea how many qualified programmers don't speak english (a colleague of mine from Russia says most programmers there do speak enough english to read docs), but it does seem like a good thing for the community to lower the barrier if people are bumping into it.

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