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chromatic writes:

Last year (2011), came back to life, this time under the guidance of The Perl Foundation. We're glad to be back, publishing tips, tricks, and tutorials for novices, dabblers, and professionals alike!

We've already published some great articles, but we need your help. What cool things are you doing with Perl in your work? What clever hacks have you perpetuated as you play? Which module did you just now discover to save you time and frustration? What technique did someone show you to get your work done faster, with more simplicity and elegance?

Perl can do anything, and 2011 has demonstrated that Perl is bigger and better than ever. Well-established projects like Catalyst, Moose, Dancer, and Mojolicious increase the fun and decrease the boilerplate. New projects like Marpa, Plack, and Carton simplify our work. Yet there's always room to talk about old stalwarts--including new and long-forgotten features of Perl 5 itself.

This is our site, and it's exactly what we make of it. Let's show off a little bit. Send your article proposals and ideas to [email protected], and let's make 2012 the best year for Perl yet.

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That is a good step. I am willing to write :)

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