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For some time there has been a square Perl Foundation Onion sticker doing the rounds at conferences and events and we are finally at the point where there are very few of them left.2 So I (Mark Keating/mdk) thought it was about time we had some new stickers for the organisation so that we can stick them on people and things at the many Perl and non-Perl related events.

This is the new look sticker and as you can see it bears the tagline I am running with this year for the foundation which I think reflects our ethos succinctly.3


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This image shows the cropped sticker. If you would like some stickers for a conference or event or to use them in marketing pushes then don't hesitate to contact me at mdk(at) or mdk on I will also supply a version of the sticker with a bleed so that you can have local copies printed if you require large volumes, again please don't hesitate to contact me.


[1] Groan...sorry I just can't stop the puns sometimes.

[2] Thankfully! This version used the old onion logo, the text was badly printed (printers fault not the designer) and the colour was wrong (was the wrong shade of blue) and the logo was off centre which is fine if it was intentional but my feeling is that again the printer may have offset by accident.

[3] The Perl Foundation have always associated themselves with the line "Dedicated to the Advancement of Perl" while at the same time pushing their community involvement, interest and commitment. So to promote that we are dedicated to the community and to get a nice short line that could fit under titles and in limited spaces such as on this sticker, I evolved that to "Advancing Perl - Supporting Community".

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