Holiday Greetings

This year the Perl Foundation have been proud to send out a festive card to celebrate the, broadly Western, holiday season.

The list of recipients was garnered from those who have supported the Foundation in the past year in many different ways, excluding those who have selected not to be contacted further. This method however was not wholly effective and I know that we missed a whole bunch of people who were deserving of our love and praise. Therefore, I would like to apologise if you were missed from the list it wasn't intentional we at the Perl Foundation are proud to be a part of this excellent community.

Now, for everyone else in the Perlverse, and wider technical communities, I would like to extend the good wishes of this season and wish you a Gregorian New Year, we hope that you will continue to visit our sites and be embraced in the community in 2012. Below is a copy of our festive image for 2011.


If you would like to be added to the list for future celebratory releases and general Perl Foundation mail, or wish to be removed from the list then please contact pr(at) stating your preference. We never knowingly spam people or share our data with other agencies.

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