2011Q4 Grant Proposals


Dear Community,

In the last two months we had a call for grant proposals. We got four proposals that are now available for discussion. Please follow the links below, read each proposal, and comment about the relevance of the grant, and if you think TPF should sponsor that work.


None of the requests seem to be worth their money... It would be better to save the money for core work.

Will there be another RFP coming up soon? I have several possibilities related to Zoidberg (I wasn't yet officially maintainer as of the previous one). Also I have a few goals for Alien::GSL and Math::GSLx::ODEIV2 (as well as making the latter rely on the former).

The Perl Foundation isn't an ATM for unemployed people grasping at any straw just to pay bills.

I have to agree with anon, none of these really look like they're worth the money, sadly.

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