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This is a series of articles on various elements of the Perl community that I like to refer to as the 'Perlverse'. The series is not in a particular order and election to it is entirely subjective and mostly based around my knowledge of the person or item. They are intended to highlight the rich variety of people, companies, projects and events that happen in the Perl world and can be used as the basis of examining the rich diversity of the Perl culture.

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Renée Bäcker and $foo Magazine


$foo Magazine is a quarterly publication that is entirely devoted to Perl, it is currently only available in German and is on its nineteenth issue.

The purpose of $foo magazine is to present and discuss projects written in Perl; to keep up-to-date with the latest news in the community including about The Perl Foundation; to publish tutorials on Perl projects such as WxPerl, Perl 6, Moose; it also gives news on CPAN modules (6 new modules are covered in each issue).

$foo Magazine targets itself primarily at senior or advanced developers and project managers working with Perl and is intended as a continuous resource.

$foo Magazine takes its role as a community resource very seriously and seeks to support and promote the community it focuses upon. If you have attended a workshop or YAPC in Europe you will have likely seen $foo on the list of sponsors as they support community events. They are, of course, particularly active in the German Perl world but also in the wider world, they recently gave a generous, and unpublished until now, donation to the Perl 5 Core Maintenance Fund.

$foo Magazine is of course the brain child of Renée Bäcker. Renée runs his own Perl business that offers training, software development with Perl and OTRS customisation.

But of course Renée does far more than just run a business and produce a premiere Perl magazine, he also manages and is an active member of who will organize next year's YAPC Europe to be held in Frankfurt. You can follow the YAPC::EU::2012 blog.

Renée has always sought to be a positive member of his local community and of the larger Perl world and is a regular face at Perl conferences and events. But, he also manages Perl booths at several non-Perl related events like FrOSCon (Germany), FrOSCamp (Switzerland), Chemnitzer LinuxDays (Germany) amongst many others. he is a keen advocate of Perl and hopes to expose the larger community to the progress and evolution in the Perl world.

Despite all of this Renée remains a very modest individual who likes to praise others around him and is a valued member of the Perl community.

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