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It has been recently announced that LOVEFiLM, Europe's largest subscription service, are supporting the Perl community by assisting with the maintenance of regular programs such as memberships and grants. The people at LOVEFiLM have seen a rapid expansion of both their service and product over the past seven years and they are all proud of its system built upon Perl.

Mike Blakemore, Chief Technology Officer at LOVEFiLM states: "Perl underpins all the technology at LOVEFiLM - from warehouse, customer service, website, and back end processes. Its flexibility lets us innovate quickly and its maturity means there are developers rich in experience when it comes to operating in Perl."

Karen Pauley, Perl Foundation President stated: "The support from LOVEFiLM is an essential component of the relationship that the Perl community shares with the commercial world. I am happy once again to see another successful Perl company proud of its involvement in the Perl Foundation and the community we support."

LOVEFiLM's multi-platform service is revolutionising the way in which its 1.7 million members can watch and enjoy films - by streaming content via PC, internet-connected devices and PS3™ and sending DVDs by post.

LOVEFiLM currently operates in the UK, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway employing 380 staff - with a view to boosting its London-based workforce by 20 per cent in the next few months in-line with the company's digital expansion.

The Perl Foundation is proud that such a highly visible company is proud to show its commitment to the Perl language and especially to the community built around our language.

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