Perl 6 Tablets: Ready for Early Review


In November, I wrote a progress report about work beginning on the Perl 6 Tablets grant. These tablets aim to offer both an in-depth tutorial and reference for Perl 6.

Herbert Breunung, the tablets' author, has done considerable work since then on the overall structure of this documentation as well as describing particular details of the Perl 6 language. The tablets have reached a stage where we welcome feedback from anyone interested in reading them.

Of course, much work remains, but Herbert has finished writing the introduction and language design tablets. The variables tablet and appendices for ops, built-ins and methods, cheat sheets and summary tables, best of Perl 6 and links near completion.

Other tablets contain roughly sketched details, particularly tablets 2 to 5. So, please take a look and leave feedback below. It doesn't matter how much or how little experience you have of Perl 6: please let us know what you think so far.


While most of the Unicode specs looked quite great, it seems like no implementation actually implemented the "grapheme" level of it.

Please, please, please language implementers do it.

I know it's hard, it's difficult, it's frustrating, but please stop treating Strings as "a bunch of bytes/chars/ints in an Array".

I would really love to see a language which gets Unicode right. An implementation where getting the length of a String is _always_ correct, not just "we just take the array length" or "use only ASCII then". The same for indexed access, comparisons, etc.

Perl 6 could be the first programming language with Unicode support ever. That would be really great.


The Perl 6 Tablets provide documentation of how Perl 6 works, not a specification for how it should work. What do you think the tablets should contain to help deal with your concerns?


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