Manual for Game Development with SDL Perl - Grant Report #5


Kartik Thakore reported:

  • Added content for several chapters:

    • Tetris Chapter:
      • Cleaned up the code
      • Started work on chapter
    • Music and Sound Chapter:
      • Added code and sound data files
    • Finished Chapter Code
    • Profiling Chapter
      • Start work
    • XS Effects Chapter:
      • Explain Inline::C usage with SDL
      • First draft completed
    • Additional Chapter to get art content
  • SDL

    • Supports Inline::XS
    • Preliminary SMPEG support
    • Memory Leaks narrowed down

Progress: 12/14 = 88% draft done


Thank you for the update. When will we get to see the finished product? I work in game development and I'm looking forward to your next steps.

Hi Charlie,

If you meant the book as a finished product, that will take some more time as I need editing help. I have started talks with chromatic so it is not too far off. However the grant itself is close to finishing I am closing it as I type this.

If you meant the code the newest release of SDL will be good enough to use.

The current manual can be picked up at

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