2010Q4 Grant Proposal: AnyEvent::HTTPBenchmark


Naim Shafiev


[hidden email]

Amount Requested:

500 $


The apache benchmark (ab) , siege, jmeter and etc, are sometimes awesome to make http-load testing. But if you want make some non-traditional(and need more flexibility) test they are not good decision.This module try to help you in this case. This project containts the utility and library to build own .

Benefits to the Perl Community

This project gives the capability to :
  • make own flexible web-benchmarking tools
  • benchmarking SOAP services(and other similar services)
  • good examples of use AnyEvent framework ;)


0.All things will be in uploaded to cpan. 1.Manuals 2.Maillist(for discuss and Q&A)

Project Details

The project cpan page [4]. Repository is open and hosted at github[1]. Entry presentation about it. [3]


I split my project feature : 1. Adding the cookie support to benchmark utility. 2. Adding the SOAP support to benchmark utility. 3. Making the library(basis) to make own benchmarks. 4. Advanced statistics(each request characteristic , html type out stats.) 5. Make the examples of use and translate documentation to russian.

Project Schedule

Two month part-time, starting about a week after acceptance of this proposal.

Completeness Criteria

All features should work.


Naim Shafiev

I'm 22 years old.Live in Moscow. Member of Moscow.pm. I use Perl since 2001,in diffent sections. My cpan page ([2]) For additional information you can ask it from google/yahoo/what_you_want ;)


1. http://github.com/shafiev/AnyEvent-HTTPBenchmark 2. http://search.cpan.org/~naim/ 3. http://www.slideshare.net/shafiev/anyeventhttpbenchmark 4. http://search.cpan.org/~naim/AnyEvent-HTTPBenchmark-0.08/lib/AnyEvent/HTTPBenchmark.pm

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