Fixing Perl5 Core Bugs: Report for Month 4

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Dave Mitchell writes:

As per my grant conditions, here is a report for the June period.

This month was mainly spent on overload and symbol table bugs. Over the first 17 weeks I have now averaged about 17 hours per week, slightly less than the nominal 20. I have used up approx 55% of the hours allocated to the grant.

Report for period 2010/06/01 to 2010/06/30 inclusive


Effort (HH::MM):

3:45 diagnosing bugs
48:32 fixing bugs
0:00 reviewing other people's bug fixes
0:00 reviewing ticket histories
0:15 review the ticket queue (triage)
52:32 Total

Numbers of tickets closed:

4 tickets closed that have been worked on
0 tickets closed related to bugs that have been fixed
1 ticket closed that was reviewed but not worked on (triage)
5 Total

Short Detail

1:25 [perl #8438] Tied scalars don't call FETCH when subref is dereferenced
4:30 [perl #27555] TIED $x = \$y{z}; delete $y{z} -- behaves badly
14:00 [perl #58530] Bus error with constant + overload + stash manipulation + bless ]
2:10 [perl #74868] Safe signals changes causing hangs with threads
3:10 [perl #75212] uid+euid assignment no longer works due to delaymagic changes
26:22 [perl #75716] overload removes tainting
0:40 [perl #75792] Unexpected nested closure circular reference
0:15 [TRIAGE]

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I am very, very happy about the work Dave has been doing over the past months. The problems he has worked on are hard. It's not clear they would ever have been fixed without this grant.

A big thank you to everyone involved!

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