New Grant Managers

As well as the approval of the new Grant Committee rules and our attempt to close long running grants, we are also refreshing the Grant Managers.

Two of the current grant managers, Adrian Horward and Jeff Adams, are stepping down. I would like to thank both of them for their fantastic work, and give special thanks to Adrian who offered to help new grantees during their first weeks of work.

My call for volunteer Grant Managers was successful as we received a number of suitable applications. One from Jonathan Leto, who is currently managing the Google Summer of Code for TPF and the Parrot Foundation (and therefore will not be a Grant Manager in the next few months), and three others that will hopefully start working in the next grant round: Tom Hukins, Makoto Nozaki and Alan Haggai Alavi.

Before finishing this post, I would like to thank our current grant managers that are keeping their roles: Rosellyne Thompson, Ricardo Signes, Jeff Horwitz and Renée Baecker.
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