Grant Updates: Corporate, Embedded, and Multi-user Perl on Windows

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Curtis sent us some new updates on his grant. Details follow:

There were two issues still not complete on my last report:

1. Can be installed to any drive (the top directory may still be named "strawberry" under the root of the selected drive)

This has finally been completed, and the 5.12.0 versions of Strawberry Perl April 2010 Beta 2 will have this code.

The actual restriction on usable directories is that the path (yes, it can be deeper than one directory) installed into cannot have spaces (and you cannot use Windows' "short names" to get around this restriction), and the path must be US-ASCII.

Since there has been no more response on, the 5.8.9 and 5.10.1 versions of Strawberry Perl will not be able to do this for April 2010.

2. Includes a script that saves the settings that local::lib creates within the Windows Registry.

This script is now available on CPAN as and will be installed in Strawberry Perl starting with April 2010 Beta 2.

Curtis expects to finish his grant in two or three weeks.

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The reason I expect to finish in two or three weeks is that I had to pull the C++ relocation code out of the final version of April 2010 - it was causing infinite loops for some people.

Debugging that is the only thing left to do for the grant.

However, there are two bugs in the April 5.12.0 versions of Strawberry Perl that will require a rebuild of Strawberry Perl. That rebuild will have to be completed first - and I expect that to be able to happen by Saturday. Then I can work on debugging the relocation code.

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