Google Summer of Code: Accepted Projects

I am pleased to announce that The Perl Foundation and Parrot Foundation have had 10 projects accepted for this year's Google Summer of Code.

Student: Justin Hunter
Project Title: Rework Catalyst framework's instance initialisation code to provide more flexible and extensible inversion of control
Mentor: Florian Ragwitz

Student: Tyler Curtis
Project Title: A PAST Optimization Framework for Parrot
Mentor: chromatic

Student: Nat Tuck
Project Title: Hybrid Threads for Parrot
Mentor: Andrew Whitworth

Student: Daniel Arbelo Arrocha
Project Title: NFG and single-representation strings for the Parrot Virtual Machine
Mentor: Allison Randal

Student: Mirko Westermeier
Project Title: Bulletproofing the Mojolicious unit and integration test suite
Mentor: Marcus Ramberg

Student: Ryan Jendoubi
Project Title: Ctypes for Perl
Mentor: Reini Urban

Student: Carl Masak
Project Title: Adding support for binary data in Rakudo
Mentor: Jonathan Worthington

Student: Muhd Khairul Syamil Hashim
Project Title: Implementing an Instrumentation Tool for Parrot VM for GSoC 2010
Mentor: Christoph Otto

Student: John Harrison
Project Title: Improvements to the NCI system and LLVM Stack Frame Builder
Mentor: Peter Lobsinger

Student: Pawel Murias
Project Title: Releasing Mildew and SMOP on CPAN
Mentor: Daniel Ruoso

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