Tcl::Tk for parrot/rakudo grant updates

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Follows the update from Vadim on his grant:

I've implemented 'call' method for interpreter object, which takes already parsed parameters and passes them to tcl/tk interpreter. It is similar to 'eval' method, but it should be faster, and also safer to use, because there will be no need to protect/escape special characters before calls. Also, widget calls to tcl/tk library are based on this method. (this method will be improved from some technical POV, but it is quite usable right now)

Also, 'tk' widgets could be created within parrot as objects, which then could be used like
    wbutton.'call'('configure','-command','.t insert end $w_e')

I very much believe that I'll finish this implementation to the next Friday. Right after that, I'll move to implementing cross-compilation, where I currently have no news.

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