Grant Complete:


Eric Wilhelm has finished his grant improving". He has written
six tutorials - from "Getting Started with Perl" to "Your First GUI Desktop

The six tutorials are

The tutorials are currently hosted, but if
Eric finds a better permanent home for them, he will setup redirects for that.

In addition to the original plan, Eric has created the
Combust::Spontaneously module and published it on the CPAN. This
lowers the technical barrier for contributing to sites by
allowing editors to preview their changes without needing to be an
apache admin. Eric hopes that this tool ultimately leads to
improvements which exceed what he had planned in terms of site rework
(perhaps it already has).

Eric's grant proposal included a website redesign, but the whole * family
was redesigned by Leo Lapworth and friends (see

The initial Grant proposal can be found at


Shouldn't these actually go on or something?

The is being completely reviewed, the plan is quite an undertaking and until Leo can show it works he doesn't know the best way to integrate these.

The site is being completely reviewed.

The plan is quite an undertaking and until I can prove it works I don't know how we want to integrate tutorials.

So something will come of these, but I want to make sure it is something useful to the whole site.

I don't understand why the documentation that Eric spent so much time and effort on is not being put on So maybe it needs a header and footer to make it blend into the other sites? Are we going to let that get in the way of The Perl Community having better documentation for beginners?

It seems like a total failure for this work to go anywhere but

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