Grant Complete: Pod Munging Utilities

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It is with great pleasure that I am able to announce, on behalf of Ricardo Signes, that the TPF-funded work on Pod::Elemental and Pod::Weaver is complete! Here's his final report:

Just a few days after predicting that the months-old grant was half done, it became quite clear that the first half was much, much more difficult than the second.

The initial grant proposal listed the following targets:

  • clearly defined and test Document and Nester classes
  • Dist::Zilla plugins to allow easy use of Pod::Weaver with Dist::Zilla
  • "allow" and "accordion" Pod weavers
  • a configuration loading system
  • dialects to allow things like embedded WikiDoc sections

As of today, all of these goals have been met. The design of the system changed significantly from the time of the initial grant proposal, but it can do everything that was promised and more, and has proven very easy (in my experience) to build with and customize. There are many obvious improvements that can be made, and these will happen naturally now that the system is written and usable.

I have posted a simple overview of Pod::Weaver's behavior to give a basic idea of what the system can do out of the box.

I'd like to thank the Perl Foundation for their sponsorship of my work, which would have remained very easy to put off without the added incentives of pride and remuneration. I'd also like to thank my grant manager, Ricardo, who was at my side through the whole project.

You can find the products delivered or substantially improved as part of this grant below:

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