Grant Update: Pod Mangling Utilities

After a strong start, work on Pod::Elemental and Pod::Weaver was quickly derailed by conference season, and then by a few non-technical distractions. I've gotten back to work, though, and quite a lot of progress has been made. The second major goal, "extensive tests for Pod::Elemental," is basically complete. Pod::Elemental is fairly well defined, documented, and tested, and can now be used to perform significant document mangling. The "PodPurler" for Dist::Zilla has been rewritten to use Pod::Elemental. As PodPurler is a "lite" version of Pod::Weaver, this is a good marker on the way to a working Pod::Weaver.

The next steps include writing the basic framework for Pod::Weaver, then a few proof-of-concept plugins, and then the plugins required for grant completion. I estimate that the project is about half done, in total.

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