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Every year during conference season, we assess positions in TPF that we need to fill and take advantage of in-person meetings at conferences to try to find candidates. Now that we've worked through that cycle, I'm happy to announce some volunteers in new positions.

  • Josh McAdams is moving from PR to Conference Chair and anyone who enjoyed the 2 YAPC::NAs in Chicago knows he's a natural for this position.
  • Long-time Perl community member Casey West has agreed to join as website content manager.
  • Dan Magnuszewski, a newer face in the Perl community but not new to Perl, takes over the PR role. One of the first things we're proposing to do with the PR role is morph it into a committee type configuration like conferences and grants so we can get broader participation. Dan is already working toward this and other initiatives to get more people involved.

TPF thanks Jeremy Fluhmann for his work as Conference Chair, running the YAPC::NA selection process, keeping the web site up-to-date, and committing changes to improve the site.

I'd also like to offer TPF's thanks to Kirsten Jones, who is stepping down from the website content manager position. She did an excellent job of making the main TPF site wiki-driven so everyone could easily make trivial content updates. She also set up Socialtext wikis for internal use and created all sorts of feeds to automate various content functions. Last but not least, she stayed on and helped long after she asked to step down. Once again, many thanks for all of your work.

Please welcome our new TPF members.

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