TPF Board Changes

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There's been a bit of activity on the TPF Board over the past few weeks, so here's a summary of the current membership:

  • Chairman: Nat Torkington has replaced Bill Odom as chairman.
  • President: The TPF board has approved the revised grant proposal from Richard Dice to do TPF infrastructure work and a condition of the approval is that he not be a sitting member of the board while working on the grant. So Richard has stepped down from his role as president and Jim Brandt has assumed the role.
  • Vice President: Since Jim Brandt is vacating the role of Vice President, the board has elected Karen Pauley Vice President. She will also be performing the role of Secretary.

Richard will have more information on his grant as he posts regular progress.

We're continuing to look at other TPF roles and have a few other position changes pending. We'll announce these as they are completed.

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So where is this information concerning his "regular progress" ? It's been almost 6 months and there's been nary a post on what he's been doing.

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