Proposed Payments for Clearing Perl 5 Bugs


A few months ago, Nicholas Clark posted an interesting plan to spend some of TPF's money. In fact, it's so interesting, we're going to try to take him up on it.

At YAPC::NA 2009 this year, I sat down with Mark Keating, acting on behalf of the Enlightened Perl group, and we agreed to work on something like this:

  • Mark and company will build a web app to manage the system Nick has suggested. Folks will log in, claim a bug, submit the tests, etc.
  • Part of the account set-up will be collecting enough information to pay out. Right now, we're thinking it would be easiest to encourage people to sign up with paypal, but this is still being worked out.
  • The web app will have judges who log in to confirm fixed bugs.
  • Quarterly, the system will generate a report of all people who have reached the $500 payout threshold. TPF will use this report to pay out the cash. We're considering these mini-grants, so the payments are grant payments.

Even though these are grants, I would like current TPF grant committee members to be eligible. Since these grants are essentially limited to bugs in the RT system and the committee isn't voting on them, I don't believe there is a conflict of interest. As long as we have multiple judges, judges won't be excluded. You just can't judge your own submission.

The judges will need to be acceptable to the p5p folks so we can make sure the bug fixes get pulled into releases. We'll appoint an official TPF coordinator to shepherd this process, and that person will report to Alberto. If this really goes crazy, we may need to have some sort of cap on payments per quarter, but I'm sort of hoping to have that problem.

As usual, we're open to any feedback. Post away.


How about a way for folks to contribute and designate that their rewards be donated to a non-profit?

Make it a bit more fun and add a gimmick to that - maybe something like the Knuth reward system? A check signed by Larry Wall would be valuable more than money.

That's a very good thought of paying people to fix the bugs.
How about using Bountysource instead of writing yet another web app ?

Yeah , that's a very good idea , but instead of writing yet another web app you could just use Bountysource which perfectly suits the purpose.

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