Continued Review of TPF Grant for Richard Dice on TPF and Perl community work


The TPF board of directors wants to provide a progress update on discussion regarding providing support to Richard Dice to work on TPF and Perl community issues. The original public announcement and request-for-comment is found here.

The new version of this proposal is available here. It has been revised considerably based on community comment and discussion within TPF. Highlights of the changes between the original version and the current one are:

  • Change from a work contract to a grant proposal;
  • Formatted according to the standard POD template for TPF grants;
  • Restriction of the work items to a smaller list of clearly defined deliverables.

The TPF board of directors will have a new meeting shortly that will discuss this new version of the proposal and most likely include a vote on whether to accept. Additionally, though it is not commented upon in the attached POD the arrangement with the board would include my stepping down from the presidency (and the associated board seat) for the duration of the grant.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this process. Your feedback has been very valuable.


As I already said in the other article, I really like the idea that one person can work on the things mentioned in the proposal.

I've talked to Richard several times and I think he is the best person to this.

Richard Dice discussed this in his opening keynote at YAPC::NA::2009 in Pittsburgh. But I don't know if any decision was reached?

Can you please provide an update? Thank you very much.

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