Approval of latest Hague Perl 6 Grant, "Traits, Introspection and More Dispatch Work For Rakudo"

It is with great pleasure to announce the approval of the latest Ian Hague grant for Perl 6 development, entitled 'Traits, Introspection and More Dispatch Work For Rakudo.' This grant goes to Jonathan Worthington, who has already successfully finished one Hague grant. The grant manager for this grant will be Patrick Michaud, the lead architect of Rakudo Perl 6, the Perl 6 implementation effort on top of the Parrot virtual machine.

We thank Jonathan for his grant application and we look forward to its success. Jonathan will keep the Perl community informed of his progress on this grant work through the blog and in his own journal.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the call for feedback regarding this grant application. Your feedback is essential in the decision process regarding Hague grants.

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