2009Q2 Grant Proposal: Project nival (CMS)


Project nival

    Igor Sanchez-Puls and
    Rene Sanchez-Puls.
Amount Requested:
    Front end 1000
    Back end  1000
    Total =   2000


The name nival comes from a kind of owl.

Nival is intended to be version 0 of a Content Management System (CMS)

Benefits to the Perl Community

It will be an extensible CMS written with perl and jquery, allowing to build sites in an easy way.

It won't require any experience on perl or jquery or css to build the sites.


It will be delivered a beta version with a front end with an "administrator" page for entering the data and a "user" page that shows that data. A back end with a sqlite database integrated There will be perl code jquery code and css code mainly

A programmers manual and a users manual.

Project Details

A more detailed description.

This version 0 will serve for documenting projects, with functionality similar to perldoc having the option of making static text web site for production environments.

Is intended that in subsecuent versions nival evolve to be as powerful as "trac" and as user friendly as "joomla".

All the documents and code will be the Parrot Foundation copyright and will have The Artistic licence 2.0


The first month it will have a "user" page that shows the content to the user and the administrator page for entering data.

The second month the back end (perl module with sqlite database) will be added.

The third month a template for allowing for the user to change color of the page an type of letter.

The third and fourth month will be used for trying to make the application as user friendly as posible and for making the programmer and user guides.

Project Schedule

The project will take 4 months I can begin work one week after I am advised


I am a perl programmer and graphic programmer and I've been a parrot cage cleaner for about 8 months.


Is this a Perl 5 or Perl 6 project?

If it's Perl 5, it doesn't sound very interesting. There are many P5 CMS projects already.

If it's Perl 6 that's much more interesting. If that's the case, will this project be able to make use of the last grant period's P6 web stack work? I'd hate to see people reinventing these wheels before Perl 6.0 even exists!

I agree with autarch that yet-another P5 CMS is definitely not needed.

Why would you write a perl CMS and assign copyright to the Parrot foundation?

I have been a Parrot 'cage cleaner' for over two years. The applicant(s) claims also to be a Parrot 'cage cleaner', but I do not recognize the name. There is someone who signs his name as 'Igor' but he only submits nuisance tickets.


I searched in internet and I found only one cms(with an artistic licence or similar) but is not as robust as joomla.

The most part of the cms use templates for showing the data to the front side, they don,t use the capabilities of dynamic html(dhtml) and many times they don't have enough documentation, jquery encapsulates dhtml an if necessary I can use plain javascript to.

if we add ajax to this formula we can reduce de complexity of the back end and have a more "dynamic" front end, with templates it seems to me is not comparable with javascript and css.

In this pages is swowed the beauty of css, I don't intend to make something like that, is only to show what some templates can`t do



Is a perl5 project, perl 6 is not a robust language yet, and for making aplications I only want to know that all errors are made for me and not for the compiler.

Like is said for perl 5 there are too many ways for making the same thing, the combination perl jquery is a beautyful one and if it likes to me probably likes to many programmers.

The parrot foundation copyright is because this way the cms is protected against my mood of changing the licence or something similar.

I said I'm a cage cleaner(I am) for the reason that this way the community knows me and they don't think I'm going to run with the grant.



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