Google Announces Nine Students in GSoC2009 with The Perl Foundation

(The following message was written by Jonathan Leto, TPF's organizer-in-chief for GSoC 2009. TPF gives its warmest thanks to Jonathan for all his work on GSoC 2009.)

I have the extreme pleasure to announce that the Google Summer of Code
2009 has officially started and The Perl Foundation will be mentoring
9 students this year in a variety of projects. A breakdown of each
student project and mentor with links to the project abstract can be
found at [1]. If you would like to keep up with recent updates, then
subscribe to this RSS feed [2]. If you would like to get a little more
involved, come join us in #soc-help on or join the
tpf-gsoc-students list [3].


Thanks to everyone involved, including students with projects that
were not accepted. We had a limited number of spots and some very good
applications could not be accepted. With a bit more spit and polish
some would be a great fit for a TPF grant. Thank you to everyone who
applied, and if you did not get accepted this year, you can still
implement your project and become part of the community, without
getting paid. I promise, we don't bite.

Stay tuned for further updates.

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