2009Q1 Grant Proposal: Perl 6 Pages


Herbert Breunung


[hidden email]

Amount Requested:

600$ -> €


comprehensive lexicon-like tutorial

Benefits to the Perl Community

It will become easy to learn Perl6, because this way people can easily grab the bits they want to learn now about Perl 6. Once ready it may become also a communication channel with people not so involved into perl 6 (p6l readers).


8-10 larger Pages in the TPF perl 6 Wiki. See german Version for comparsion, that is more than half ready. (http://wiki.perl-community.de/bin/view/Wissensbasis/PerlTafel)

Project Details

Synopses are large not always easy to read. what we need is an indexed and crosslinked set of wiki pages, where every info hast its place and is explained in short but plain language.

The reading requires some basic programming skills but could be done even without any Perl knowledge if you smart enough.

Yeah, its almost same as last year, except I now know more about Perl 6. the idea isn't that new but I just time to update and enlarge the German version bit, but this is about the English version. Some pages i would just have to translate but some aren't still written.


are the single pages, even chapter could be counted as millimeters. :)

Project Schedule

2,3 days/page, more for the last ones. Begin i could now even after Perl-Workshop there will be bit more time for me.


Herbert Breunung, with moritz probably the German guy who knows most about perl 6. I'm involved since some times and wrote a series of more novel like tutorial, gave some talks about that stuff so i already chewed many bits through (p6 you don't learn in a day). my dedication for perl 6 since 2 years shows that i am serious about it.


I think making it easier for people to learn perl 6 will make the transition from perl 5 to perl 6 go smoother. I like it.

While I agree that more documentation about Perl 6 is a good thing, I think I'd rather see this as something added to existing Perl 6 documentation rather than yet-another-document for P6 that will fall into disrepair. Attaching to something else will increase the chances of it being a round longer.

mpeters: I'm over 3 years in the p6doc buisness and also own this module on cpan. i also write another complete tutorial since 2 years for foo. so I'v already proven that this will stay and finished even if it may take time.

I think perldoc is a fantastic perl documenting site, maybe it needs a forum like


About TPF

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