2009Q1 Grant Proposal: Codewalker


Hugh Barnard


[hidden email]

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Project takes (mainly cgi) code and walks the call tree producing graphviz diagrams It's a parsing and documentation project

Benefits to the Perl Community

It helps refresh and refactor legacy Perl code (reason that I started building it) and provides clear documentation for larger Perl projects.

It lessens of the perceived (rather than actual) disadvantages of Perl, readability.


The code exists and works (sort of) but my intention is to rewrite a first version using Perl::PPI and Graphviz (which it already uses) to produce call graphs.

In other words, take a second run to get a good basis for a clean version.

Project Details

I am the primary maintainer and the current (rather mouldering) code is on sourceforge as 'codewalker'.


I've budgeted for about six weeks of work but I can do less and provide a little less:

1. Week 1: New specification, scope and some user input (hopefully from other Perl people) 2. One month: Recode, test the project using Perl::PPI and Graphviz (again) 3. Week 6: Write a manual and put in onto a website too

Note: My other Perl project 'cclite' does have a big manual and it's appreciated. Many open source projects don't...

Project Schedule

I can begin and finish this in the summer (July, August 2009). Ideally, if the grant is approved I'd like to spend some non-grant time collecting user input too, before rushing into coding...


I am Hugh Barnard, an ancient person who has worked with Perl since about 1994 (doesn't make me really good, makes me old though) and currently I have 'cclite' an alternative money and LETS scheme manager on sourceforge since 2005. Recently I've delivered an initial Debian package and I'm working on a Windows version and a version using Smartcards. I'm heavily involved as a financial reform advocate (ideas that are now gaining ground since last year!).

Otherwise, I live in London, work for East End non-profits and do contract programming, some of this is explained on http://www.hughbarnard.org


This sounds interesting, but the grant is seriously lacking in description of exactly what the project is, and what the specific deliverables are.

My suggestion, reject this round but ask the submitter to rewrite the grant for the next grant period.

If a module exists and works, better make someting other perl community needs.

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