Running Grants (2008-V)

At the moment, these are the latest updates on the running grants:

No updates from grantee.
Leon report: I've been mostly busy with implementing a TAP producer to build my tests with, and with implementing tests. So far I've been mainly implementing tests for sanity and numeric behavior. On the way there I fixed a few bugs, and added a few operators. Also I've eliminated a dependency on Boost. MPL, I hope this will cut down the build time. Lastly I've started implementing typemapping.
No updates from Grant Manager.
Andrew should start working by mid-October.
No updates from Grant Manager.
Ingy wrote an article on the state of YAML on Perl. Please check it here:
No updates from Grant Manager.
YE2038 discussion continues active on Perl5-Porters. We expect conclusions soon.
Alan was not working for 2-3 weeks due to exams, but is back working on his
task now.
Daniel Report: Even if the things are moving somewhat more slowly at the moment, it actually means that we are really close to have some very cool things working.

The first very good news is that SMOP is the first implementation to support lazy map and grep. Lazyness has been neglected in most implementations, and the Perl6-awareness of the SMOP interpreter model is proving itself as a very big deal, since gather/take is also being to be somewhat easy to implement.

On the other hand, we have the first prototype implementations of SMOP front-ends, thanks to pmurias++, who has written the code to embed SMOP in pugs, and had recently started another project to transform STD parse tree into m0ld code, which is sort of the start of using SMOP as a STD backend.

The next most important step is the definition of the "Prelude Lexical Scope" which is the ultimate outer scope, and places local aliases to several variables that should be available for any Perl 6 code (&map, &infix:<+> and the built-in types, which including realizing the import of the "is export" methods)

Adam is nearly completion. Good news soon, we expect.

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