Perl Foundation needs you to chair the Grant Committee

After a running the Perl Foundation Grant Committee for almost two years, Ovid has decided he needs to step down. Naturally, this means we need someone to step into this role and we're hoping to get new people into the Perl Foundation.

Running the Grant Committee is a very important volunteer position with specific responsibilities. These include:

  • Every three months, putting out a call for grant proposals and organizing votes on them.
  • Finding and retaining grant managers to oversee grants which are awarded.
  • Keep abreast of important trends in the Perl community.
  • Work the Grant and Steering committee to help shape Perl Foundation policy.
  • Keep the blog updated with regular events happening with the grant committee.
This role requires:
  • A good understanding of the needs of the Perl community.
  • Thick skin ("why did you morons approve X?", "You aren't funding enough grants!", "You are funding too many grants", etc.)
  • Patience. Sometimes the wheels turn slowly.
  • Discretion (never publicly discuss rejected grants. Respect privacy)
  • Tact (you have to let rejected grantees down gently while telling them why their grant was rejected)
Aside from the above, we like to see initiative on the part Grant Committee Secretary. New ideas, grant-related or not, that help the Perl Foundation better serve the Perl community are always welcome. To help the transition, Ovid has volunteered to help the new Grant Secretary get to his or her feet and answer any questions which might arise.

If you're looking for a way to make an impact in the Perl community, and help the Perl Foundation drive Perl development, the Grant Committee chair position may be for you. If you're interested, email Richard Dice at rdice at We hope to hear from you soon.

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